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Computer theft recovery software allows the University of Rhode Island to securely recover University owned computers, thereby minimizing the impact of laptop theft, and providing compliance with state and federal privacy regulations. Additionally, students, faculty and staff personally owned systems can also purchase and install this type of protection.


If your computer is stolen on-campus, you should report it to the campus police and the Helpdesk immediately. If you have any important passwords stored on your stolen computer, you should change them.

The Helpdesk can put in a formal ticket and look up the Physical Address (MAC address) in the network's records associated with the stolen machine. That address will be flagged and network security will be notified if that address appears again on the campus network.


The following solutions are available from RAM Computers for both new and existing systems. Compatibility with these products may vary, however they are supported on most modern systems.

Physical Security

You should always leave your dorm/office locked when you are not in it. In addition, you should purchase a kensington lock for your laptop. A kensington lock will allow you to anchor your laptop to an object in your room. Even if the lock is removed by force, the lock slot will be damaged, leaving the laptop unsellable.

Absolute Software Computrace

University IT administrators can purchase the Computrace service with each new Dell laptop. The online Dell quoting service should include the service for around $60 for three years with the University Dell Master Price Agreement(MPA).

This software suite currently becomes embedded in Dell™ Latitude™ laptops and Dell Precision™ mobile workstations.

For more, visit Computrace at Dell

Features of this software include:

  • Track stolen computers
  • Remotely delete data or wipe a hard drive completely

CyberAngel Security Solutions

A similar theft prevention software is available from CyberAngel Security Solutions.

Additional features of this software include:

  • Hard drive encryption
  • The ability to track a stolen computer wirelessly

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