Classroom Media Assistance Service Level Agreements

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This information pertains to the Kingston Campus Classroom Media Assistance Centers only.

Portable equipment

Faculty reservations for portable equipment (projectors, dvd players, etc.) requires a reservation be made 24-hours in advance to guarantee a 15-minute pick-up interval.

Exceptions to this guarantee include any time when:

  • the instructor requires training on equipment use
  • the instructor requires assistance with equipment use
  • during peak business periods, such as the beginning of the semester.

If no reservation has been made, faculty can make a last minute request for equipment as a check-out. If the equipment is available, the request can be accommodated if the faculty member has previously been trained on the equipment. However, the checkout may require more than 15 minutes to fill out any required paperwork.

If no reservation has been made, and the faculty member has never used the requested piece of equipment before, he/she should book a training appointment one business day in advance of the equipment request.

Installed Media Equipment Classrooms

Access to media equipment may be either electronic access (card swipe readers for URI ID cards) and/or locked media cabinets that require keys or codes.

Keys are distributed through the Classroom Media Assistance center in the lower level (LL4) of the Carothers Library on the Kingston Campus.

If the assigned classroom is equipped with electronic access (card swipe), all faculty should test his/her card at least one business day before the start of classes or any special events booked into a general assignment classroom. Report any issues to the Access Control office in Adams Hall, 874-4577.

Student Media Assistance Program

If faculty or staff are using Edwards Auditorium or need assistance with a special event in another room, they may request student media assistance (SMA). A minimum of two-weeks lead-time is required for all Student Media Assistant requests. Assistance for courses are provided at no charge, however, assistance with special events may trigger a $10.00 per hour fee to cover the student's time.

These requests should be submitted online.

Equipment Troubleshooting

Classroom Media Assistance (CMA) provides equipment troubleshooting during class on an “as needed” basis.

Classroom problems should be reported to 874-4278. When contacted, CMA will dispatch a student or staff technician immediately to the classroom (unless all student/staff techs are already out troubleshooting other locations). Actual response time will depend upon the location of the classroom and the distance that must be traversed form the closest CMA (Library, Quinn, or Chafee) location.

When calling CMA, please report the problem as fully as possible, so that the tech will bring the appropriate tools and back-up equipment if the problem cannot be solved on the spot. For example, if it is a projector problem be sure to report whether it is a multimedia or transparency projector, whether the bulb is blown, or whether it is in an audio problem, etc.

Some issues are too far-reaching for immediate repairs. In these cases, portable equipment, if available, will be furnished.

Environmental problems (such as missing clocks, broken windows or window shades missing) can be reported online at the CMA homepage. Select "Report A Problem" under the "Services" menu on the left lot use this link.

  • If the problem is in Swan Hall, faculty should call 874-4720. A student will be dispatched from 301 to provide troubleshooting assistance.

  • If the problem is in Chafee Building, faculty should call 874-2148. A student will be dispatched from Chafee 217 to provide troubleshooting assistance. If no other requests for assistance have been reported, response time will be relatively quick in these locations.

  • If the problem is in Ballentine Hall, faculty should call 874-4330. If there is no answer, send someone up to Ballentine 240A (office directly outside the Ballentine Computer Lab).

  • If the problem is in White Hall, faculty should call 874-5338. If there is no answer, then call the Central CMA number below.

  • If the problem is in Fogarty Hall , faculty should call 874-9239.

  • Faculty experiencing equipment issues in all other general assignment classrooms should call Classroom Media Assistance in the lower level of the Carothers Library (LL4), 874-4278.

  • Whenever possible, equipment troubleshooting will begin on the phone. A student will be dispatched when it is clear that the problem cannot be resolved over the phone.

Follow-Up on Reported Classroom Problems

Classroom problems reported by faculty and staff are followed-up by student technicians and/or staff depending upon the problem reported. If the issue is not immediately resolved, CMA will send an email Classroom Problem Report to all faculty assigned to that classroom. When the equipment problem has been further investigated and/or repaired, an email follow-up report will be issued stating the status of repairs.

As necssary, CMA staff will coordinate repairs with the equipment/repair vendor or escalate the issue to Facilities or the Classroom Management Team.

Every effort will be made to repair problems as quickly as possible. Some issues--such as burned out projection bulbs in multimedia (data/video) projectors, may require an open hour in the classroom schedule to fix.

Late Return of Equipment

When faculty or students do not return equipment as scheduled, it can jeopardize the equipment use by other faculty or students.

Repeated late equipment returns will result in loss of equipment privileges.

Faculty Late Returns

The department chair will be contacted if an instructor fails to return equipment more than twice in a semester. If the failure to return equipment results in its loss through negligence, that instructor will lose privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Student Late Returns

The following policy applies to all equipment available for student rental:

  • 1 day late = no rentals for a week
  • 2 days late = no rentals for 2 weeks
  • 3 days late = no rentals for a month
  • More than 3 days late or two late returns of 1 day or more in a semester = no rentals the remainder of the semester

After three days, the non-return of equipment is reported to the appropriate Department Chair, or the Associate Director of End USer Support in Information Technology Services, who will notify the student's instructor as appropriate.

Campus Police will contact the student to request its return. If it is not returned, the matter will be turned over to Student Affairs. Student Affairs will then put a hold on the student account until the equipment is either returned in good-working order OR the current value of that equipment is remitted.

Equipment Training

To accommodate the large number of requests for training at the start of each semester, CMA publishes a schedule of training sessions at the CMA homepage. The training times will be available in a pdf format from a link on the right side of the CMA homepage under the Media Training header.

Training sessions are grouped for similar venues. Because of the high demand for training at the start of each semester, we strongly encourage faculty to attend these sessions. If individual training is needed, requests for training should be submitted 3 business days in advance of event/course start. This allows sufficient time to identify a time when both staff and room are available. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to train in a similar classroom when the requested room is unavailable for training.

Room Checks

To ensure equipment is in working order, Classroom Media Assistance checks all general assignment rooms with installed equipment once per week. Problems reported by faculty and staff are followed-up within one business day, regardless of the last time the room was checked.

Estimated time of repair depends upon the type of issue and room availability. However,

  • Burned out overhead transparency projector bulbs are normally replaced within 24 hours--depending upon when the room can be accessed.
  • Multimedia (data/video) projector bulb replacement depends on whether the bulb is in stock and room availability and the height of the projector (certain rooms require the use of specialized ladders to reach the projector).

Equipment Loans to Students

Classroom Media Assistance provides limited equipment rental for video equipment to be used by students if given video assignments. The Film Studies and Communication Studies departments have provided additional equipment which their students may access on a first-come, first-served basis.

Film students must be on the roster of Film Production courses provided by the department to have access to equipment.

At equipment pick-up, students must present a valid URI student id and they must be in our online reservation system before picking up equipment to verify identity. This online system verifies that the student has an active record for the semester when equipment is being checked out.

Equipment rental privileges are not extended to URI alumni, faculty/staff/or students of other universities, or the general public. ,br>

Because the Film Studies and Communication Studies departments, as well as the Dean of Arts and Sciences, have provided specific equipment for use of students enrolled in specific courses/programs, this equipment may not be checked out by other faculty or students without special permission of those departments and faculty.