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This information is for the Kingston Campus Classroom Media Assistance Centers only.

Equipment Check-out Centers

There are three check-out centers for classroom media equipment on the Kingston Campus.

  • If you are using equipment in Swan Hall, please reserve equipment through the Swan Hall CMA Center. Equipment will be picked up and returned in 301 Swan.

  • If you are using equipment in Chafee Building, please reserve equipment through the Chafee CMA Center. Equipment will be picked up and returned in 217 Chafee except in cases of returns after 4:30 pm. After 4:30 pm, equipment will be returned to the Library (LL4) or, with advance notice, arrangements can be made to leave the equipment in an alternate locked location.

  • If you are using equipment anywhere else on campus, please reserve equipment through the Library CMA Center. Equipment will be picked up and returned to LL4 (the computer lab on the lower level of the Library).

Equipment Loans to Faculty

The majority of classrooms now have installed media systems with room speakers, please consult the wiki page for your specific classroom prior to checking out portable media.

Classroom Media Assistance provides equipment loans and training services for portable equipment to be used by faculty in URI classrooms. The inventory includes:

  • Portable LCD Projectors
  • Portable DVD/VHS players
  • Portable Mini-DV deck (available only to film production courses)
  • Portable speakers.
  • Laptops for use in classrooms (both Windows and Macintosh platforms)
  • Portable sound system with handheld or lavalier microphone.
  • Video cameras
  • Laptop carts (available only in Chafee Building and Swan Hall)

Some equipment, such as the use of our specialized audio equipment for large events, requires the scheduling of a student media assistant for special events.
In most cases, this will incur a $15.00 per hour fee.

Equipment Loans to Students

Student Items Available from LL4
Currently the onlyportable equipment available for general student use are LCD Projectors.
If a student group is looking to reserve a PA system we ask that the reservation is made by a faculty sponsor for accountability.

All Other Student Rentals

Classroom Media Assistance provides equipment rental and training services for portable equipment to be used by students from the Swan Hall Location. Some equipment is available only to fulfill assignments in Film production courses and some Communications courses.
The inventory includes:

  • Video cameras
  • Tripods for cameras
  • Lighting kits to assist in filming/photography (FLM students only)
  • Wireless microphones for audio capture during filming or dubbing(FLM students only)
  • Laptops for processing audio or video assignments for COM Studies courses
  • External hard drives for storing video projects (FLM students only)

In addition, the Film Studies department has eight Macintosh computers located in LL4 for video editing. These machines have Final Cut Pro (full version) installed. Students must bring a valid URI id and be registered for a Film Studies course to use these machines.

Policies for Student Use of Equipment

  • All equipment available to students can be checked out for no more than three days.
  • The policies for later returns are delineated in the articles covering that equipment ( General Student Equipment, Film Studies Student Equipment, Communication Studies Student Equipment).
  • Equipment loans can be extended if there are no intervening reservations. However, all equipment renewals must be made in person and the equipment must be returned to be rechecked out. This can not be done via the phone. Failure to renew in person triggers the penalties for late returns.

Installed Equipment

Classroom Media Assistance provides support for all 110 general assignment classrooms (GAC).

CMA Support for GACs include:

  • Faculty Training on Equipment
  • Weekly Maintenance Checks for functionality
  • Trouble response to reported problems, including in-class assistance
  • Semester Maintenance of the projector and control system

GAC AV Standards are the following:

  • Digital projection system
  • Transparency projector or Document Camera (digital visualizer)
  • DVD/Blu-ray Player
  • Legacy RCA connections for VHS player/ other portable media
  • Microphones are available in larger classrooms
  • Classrooms of a certain size, prone to disruptions from outside noises have ADA compliance audio systems in place.

Each general assignment classroom has a wiki page that lists the equipment, capacity, and contact information for each room.

These pages include directions for use of the equipment. Some have .pdf files so that the directions can be printed, while others have short training video clips.

Should you encounter a problem please either call Classroom Media Assistance at 401-874-4278, or submit a problem report here.

Other Materials available:

  • A small number of rooms also have an installed computer.
  • Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) and Active Learning Light (ALL) are classrooms with additional media intended to promote group work and non-standard class formats.
  • Collaboration devices can be found in ALC, ALL, all classrooms in Swann Hall and select other rooms on campus.
  • Faculty using Apple (Macintosh) computers will need to provide the appropriate adapter (to either VGA or HDMI).


Equipment Troubleshooting

Classroom Media Assistance (CMA) provides equipment troubleshooting during class on an “as needed” basis.

Classroom problems should be reported to 874-4278. When contacted, CMA will dispatch a student or staff technician immediately to the classroom (unless all student/staff techs are already out troubleshooting other locations). Actual response time will depend upon the location of the classroom and the distance that must be traversed from the closest CMA (Library, Quinn, or Chafee) location.

When calling CMA, please report the problem as fully as possible, so that the tech will bring the appropriate tools and back-up equipment if the problem cannot be solved on the spot. For example, if it is a projector problem be sure to report whether it is a multimedia or transparency projector, whether the bulb is blown, or whether it is in an audio problem, etc.

Some issues are too far-reaching for immediate repairs. In these cases, portable equipment, if available, will be furnished.

Environmental problems (such as missing clocks, broken windows or window shades missing) can be reported online at the Classroom Media Assistance - Report a Problem web page.

  • If the problem is in Swan Hall, faculty should call 874-4720. A student will be dispatched from 301 to provide troubleshooting assistance.

  • If the problem is in Chafee Building, faculty should call 874-2148. A student will be dispatched from Chafee 217 to provide troubleshooting assistance. If no other requests for assistance have been reported, response time will be relatively quick in these locations.

  • If the problem is in Ballentine Hall, faculty should call 874-4330. If there is no answer, send someone up to Ballentine 240A (office directly outside the Ballentine Computer Lab).

  • If the problem is in White Hall, faculty should call 874-5338. If there is no answer, then call the Central CMA number below.

  • Faculty experiencing equipment issues in all other general assignment classrooms should call Classroom Media Assistance in the lower level of the Carothers Library (LL4), 874-4278.

  • Whenever possible, equipment troubleshooting will begin on the phone. A student will be dispatched when it is clear that the problem cannot be resolved over the phone.

Equipment Delivery

Except in cases of faculty disability, Classroom Media Assistance does not deliver equipment to classrooms.

Special services for faculty with disabilities must be arranged one week in advance to guarantee sufficient staffing at the time the service is requested.
This service request can be made to the CMA main email account, a supervisor will review the request to determine the most efficient way to accommodate the request.

Do not consider the request finalized until you receive an email confirmation summerizing the request and what support services will be tendered.

Equipment Access

Access to installed media equipment is managed by Classroom Media Assistance.
Please contact CMA by either phone (874-4278) or email ( with any questions regarding media access.

CMA is located in the large computer lab (LL4)in the lower level of the Carothers Library on the Kingston Campus.

Media equipment is locked in each room with an access key.
Faculty and staff at the University may request a key by contacting CMA.
Key assignment will often require attendance to a training session. In addition to the start of semester group trainings offered, during the semester faculty and staff can request trianings through CMA.

Equipment Training

Classroom Media Assistance provides group training sessions the week before the start of each semester.

Faculty teaching in general assignment classrooms are notified by email of the session times for the rooms to which they have been assigned.

NOTE: If you are teaching in multiple rooms you will receive multiple training emails. Please take note of which trainings are offered when.

If the course listing is "STAFF," CMA attempts to contact the department to ascertain the instructor for a course.

If you did not receive an email regarding training, it may be that you were assigned to the course in the course schedule after we built our mailing lists.
Please contact us if this is the case.

Training sessions are available on an individual basis for special events during the semester.

Problem Follow-Up

Classroom problems reported by faculty and staff are followed-up by student technicians and/or staff depending upon the problem reported.

CMA staff will notify the reporting faculty/staff via email that the problem has been verified, updates will be issued to keep teaching faculty informed.

Classroom problems can be reported by phone (401-874-4278), by email ( or online using a short form that emails the issue to our Media & Technology Staff.

For more details about our services, see the wiki article on Classroom Media Assistance Service Level Agreements.