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First floor of Chafee Hall(map)

Room layout


Seating Capacity: 500


For additional information, please contact:

Classroom Media Assistance
Lower Level Library (LL4)

Electronic Access

Card Swipe

Important Notes: Card Activation

This room is equipped with electronic access (a card-swipe lock). The electronic mechanism locks and unlocks with a swipe of an authorized URI ID card.

To unlock the door, swipe the ID card face-down so that the fat magnetic stripe slides through the lock as shown in the picture at left. To lock the door, repeat this process.

  • A steady green light indicates the door is unlocked.
  • A blinking green light indicates the door is locked.

Faculty assigned to teach in classrooms with electronic access should be automatically entered prior to the start of the semester, or 24 hours before a special event. To be safe, be sure to test your card at least 1 business day prior to your first class meeting.

If your card does not work, contact Facilities Services Access Control Office at 874- 4577, or e-mail at

Light Switches

Light Switches

Control lighting for the auditorium. The panel on the left controls various lights. The dimmer knob on the other panel controls the power and intensity of the room lights.

Internet Access


Wired Connection

Each room has at least one active ethernet port for use with the internet.
The port will be marked with a yellow dot.
There should be an ethernet cable in the rack drawer to use with the port.
If you find one is missing, please call Classroom Media Assistance at 874-4278.

Wireless Access

If you are unable to get online using the wired port, or if you prefer, all rooms also have wireless internet access.
If you have not used wireless access in the past, please be sure to test out your laptop before class starts.
Some manufacturers have special programs or settings that control wireless, or your machine may have a physical button that needs to be selected.

If you have never used your laptop on the URI network, you will be asked to download and install and electronic policy key. You probably don't want to do this during class time as it can be time consuming, so connect your laptop in your office first and get this step out of the way.

To authenticate with the policy site:
- Use your URI eCampus username
- With your Sakai/wireless password.

If you don't remember this password, please call the URI Help Desk at 401-874-4357.

TurningPoint Technologies Channel for this Classroom

Channel 29

Media Podium

Chafee 271 Podium 2016.jpg

Chafee 271 has the following equipment installed:

  • 2 Installed Rear-Projection LCD Projectors

The Podium contains:

  • Blu-Ray Player (also plays DVDs and CDs)
  • VCR Player
  • Document Camera

The code to unlock this podium is gained through Classroom Media Assistance (See Above).

Installed LCD Projector

The LCD Projector screen is rear-projection, meaning the projector is behind the screen and displays the image through the screen. The left screen is used for installed LCD projection.

Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone
Microphone Options

The wireless lapel microphone is pre-set in the sound system. To activate, first slide the protective cover off the display, and press the red Power button (small circle). Close cover. Then the Mute switch (large circle) must be moved to the Off position.
When done, first move the Mute switch (large circle) to the On position. Then slide the protective cover off the display, and press the red Power button (small circle) to power Off the microphone. Close cover.
Return the microphone to podium drawer.

Blu-Ray Player

This unit functions as both a DVD and Blu-Ray player. To turn it on, press and hold the power button on the actual unit within the media rack. In order to display the DVD image on the projector, you must touch Blu-Ray on the touchscreen, and then send it to either the Right or Left Projectors. The essential DVD controls are located on the touchscreen such as play, stop, skip ahead, or go back a chapter. The volume is controlled through the "Program Volume" control on the touchscreen.

Document Camera

Document Camera

The Document Camera is located within the Media Cart. You must enter the correct code to unlock the media cart and then left the top left flap to reveal the Document Camera. To display the Document Camera, touch the picture on the touchscreen, and send it to one of the projectors from the "Destination" box.

Wired Podium Internet Access

The podium contains an installed ethernet cable for internet access. The blue ethernet cable located directly on the cart for you to connect your laptop to the internet. This will provide you with wired access to the URI network. Please see the section above for access guidelines.

Locking Up

Please Remember to:

  1. On the Switcher, press the "Power Display OFF" button to turn Off the projector.
  2. Remove your media and Power Off the media machine used. Power Off your laptop. Return cables to the floor box and/or media case.
  3. Power OFF microphone and return to podium drawer.
  4. Turn the classroom Lights OFF. Shut all Exterior Doors.
  5. Swipe-lock the main door using your URI ID card. The card-reader light will blink green when in locked mode.


Ask students waiting for the next class to remain outside the classroom until their instructor arrives.

As the Instructor, you are responsible for the room's security during your class time, so please lock up!

Additional Information

Classroom Information

building Chafee
room 271
reservation_contact Enrollment Services, 874-2817
media_contact CMA Chafee (ITMS Front Desk), 874-2148
floor_level first
disability classroom, elevator
room_access electronic
tech_level 2
wall_type cement, cinderblock
wall_condition good
ceiling_type spline tiles, plaster
ceiling_condition good
floor_type carpet, other
floor_condition dirty
floor_slope tiered
aisles yes
stairs yes
boards one
board_location front
board_width 12 feet
board_height 3 feet 10.5 inches
writing_area 6646 in^2
board_type white
board_condition excellent
projection_screen yes
screen_quantity three
screen_location front, side by side
screen_type electric, control system, traditional format 4:3
screen_condition good, old
instructor_access electronic
media_controls yes
instructor_type podium
instructor_outlets yes
instructor_outlets_quantity 2
distributed_outlets yes
distributed_outlets_quantity 8
lighting_type audience area, exit signs, zoned, board area, projection area
light_switches near door
light_dimmers near door
seating_type tablet chairs
heating yes
ventilation yes
air_conditioning yes
air_noise minor
capacity_number 500
ada_reqd_sign yes
cmt_contact_sign yes
no_food_sign yes
accessories trashcan, clock
overhead_projector yes
overhead_location cart
extra_bulb okay
projector_controls yes
controls_location front, podium
control_type crestron, touchscreen
data_projector yes
projector_quantity 2
projector_type LCD
projector_location booth
document_camera yes
document_location podium
cd_dvd_player yes
cd_dvd_quantity 1
cd_dvd_location rack
cd_dvd_type region 1, blu-ray
vhs_player yes
vhs_quantity 1
vhs_location rack
vhs_type vhs
vid_web_camera yes
camera_quantity 1
camera_location right, mid-room
sound_system yes
system_quantity 2
speaker_locations front
microphone yes
mic_quantity 2
mic_type hand held, lavaliere
mic_location podium
wireless yes
dynamic_ip yes
subnet 131.128.192.XXX
ports_functional 6
ports_total 6
laptop_cables vga, ethernet, audio