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Chafee 235 (map)

Room layout


Seating Capacity: 32


For additional information, please contact:

Classroom Media Assistance
Lower Level Library (LL4)

To reserve this room, contact:
General Assignment Classrooms form: Request a Classroom

Electronic Access

Card Swipe

Important Notes: Card Activation

This room is equipped with electronic access (a card-swipe lock). The electronic mechanism locks and unlocks with a swipe of an authorized URI ID card.

To unlock the door, swipe the ID card face-down so that the fat magnetic stripe slides through the lock as shown in the picture at left. To lock the door, repeat this process.

  • A steady green light indicates the door is unlocked.
  • A blinking green light indicates the door is locked.

Faculty assigned to teach in classrooms with electronic access should be automatically entered prior to the start of the semester, or 24 hours before a special event. To be safe, be sure to test your card at least 1 business day prior to your first class meeting.

If your card does not work, contact Facilities Services Access Control Office at 874- 4577, or e-mail at

Light Switches

The light switches are located adjacent to the door as you enter the classroom on the wall. These lights control the lighting for the entire classroom.

Internet Access

Wired Connection

There is an ethernet cable available in the cable cubby on the top back of the podium.

If the cable is damaged, please call Classroom Media Assistance at 874-4278.

Wireless Access

Both URI_Secure and URI_Open wireless networks are available in this room. We strongly recommend using the URI_Secure network to enable you to access any secure sites such as your Google Apps for Education email or drive.

If you have never used your laptop on the URI network, you will be asked to download and install an electronic policy key. As this may take a few minutes, we recommend that you connect your laptop in your office first and get this step out of the way.

To authenticate with the policy site:

  • Use your URI eCampus username
  • With your Sakai/wireless password.

If you don't know your password, please call the URI Help Desk at 401-874-4357.

TurningPoint Room Channel

Channel 17


Chafee 235 has the following equipment installed:

  • Ceiling-mounted LCD projector
  • Projection screen
  • Two 42-inch LCD displays
  • Macintosh computer
  • Video and Audio cables for laptop connection
  • Bluray player
  • AirMedia for wireless connection to Projector or flatscreens
  • Wireless Internet access

Projector Screen

Located at front of the classroom in front of white boards.

To move screen up or down, access the touchscreen panel, press the "Utilities" button on the bottom right hand corner, and press either "Up" or "Down" under the Projector Screen control.

Chafee 235 Projectors


The two projectors are located on the ceiling facing the projector screen. Do not operate manually-- use the touch screen to activate all projector controls. Both projectors will automatically turn on when you turn the system on from the touch screen.(Directions below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, do not try to Power On/Off the projectors prior to the 2-minute warm-up and/or cool down cycle.

WHEN DONE: Press the "System Off" button in the upper right hand corner of the touch screen. When it asks "Are you sure?" press "Yes". The screen will go up, and the projector will turn off.

Other notes:
  • The Display Power ON and warm-up cycle time for this model of projector is 2 minutes.
  • Any attempt to power OFF within this time period may crash the system.
  • The warm-up time is complete when the green light on each of the projector is no longer blinking.
  • Projectors can be re-powered ON- if needed again- after the 2-minute cool-down cycle.

LCD Displays

The two LCD displays are provided for collaborative work in the classroom. Students can be assigned to groups and can use the individual screens to do group presentations or to collaborate on a project or activity.

The displays can also be used to repeat the main projector display, which is particularly useful if there is fine detail or small print (e.g., data in Excel).

Podium (ALL)

The digital media is housed within the presenter podium.

Chafee 235 Podium 2016.jpg

The Active Learning Lite (ALL) podium contains the following resources for presenter use:

  • Podium Computer (Mac)
  • Connections for Presenter Laptop (HDMI and VGA w/ Audio)
  • Document Camera
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Player
  • AirMedia (wireless presentation & collaboration device)
  • RCA connection for VHS, digital camera, or other media.

Digital Media Switcher

Digital Media Switcher

The touch-screen based Switcher controls both the signal from media equipment to the projector, and the functions of the DVD player.


  • The projector will be turned on when you select your source, however, you must turn the projector off when done by selecting the "System Off" button located on the switcher (near the volume knob).
  • The warm-up cycle time for the projector can take as much as 2 minutes to start up and 10 seconds for the light on the projector to start flashing after a source is selected.
  • Touch the "System Off" button to turn off the projector.
  • When the projector is completely off, the light above the button will become red. This may take 10 seconds.
  • To turn on the in-room LCD displays, please follow the same instructions for the projector screen above.
  • Any attempt to power OFF within the 2 minute Start-Up or Cool-down cycle may crash the system. (The warm-up time is complete when the green light on the projector is no longer blinking.)
  • If needed again, the projector can be powered ON after the 2-minute cool-down cycle.

DVD Player

DVD Player above the blue audio amp in the podium rack

To turn on the DVD Player, press the "Power" button on the upper left hand side of the unit. Insert the DVD by pressing the button next to the drive to open the player, and close it using the same button after inserting the DVD.
All DVD controls are located on the touch screen after switching to the "DVD" input from the left hand menu.

Equipment Directions

The Instructor Podium is secured by a combination lock.

Contact Classroom Media Assistance in person in the basement of the library or by calling 401-874-4278 for access to the podium.

A training session will be required before access is granted if the presenter has not already been trained.

Laptop Use

To use your laptop follow the following steps:

  • If you will be using a Mac laptop without an HDMI port,make sure you have your adapter to connect to VGA or HDMI
  • Connect the podium's VGA cable to your laptop.
  • If you are using a VGA cable to connect to the system, you will also need to connect audio, if you plan to use audio. Simply, connect the audio cable into your laptop's headphone jack.
  • It is recommended you connect the ethernet cable and use the wired connection if you plan on showing Youtube videos or any other streaming media.
  • Touch the instructor control screen to bring it to the default screen
If the touchscreen was already at the default because it was used recently, you will not need this step.
  • Touch the flat screen again to bring up the equipment controls.
  • Select either VGA or HDM source.
The projection screen will automatically lower when any source is selected.

AirMedia website and access code displayed on AirMedia start page

Projecting from a Mobile Device Using AirMedia


1. On the instructor touchscreen, select AirMedia as the source for the room displays.

2. Once the flat screen displays the AirMedia web address and code, open a browser, navigate to that website, download and run the application installer.

The application must be installed on each use because it is frequently updated by the manufacturer.

3. Once the AirMedia application is installed, open it.

4. When prompted, type the four-digit code displayed on the screen into the application.

AirMedia Application as it appears on a laptop

To relinquish control of the screen to a student or guest in the classroom,

  • Select the menu icon from the right side of the AirMedia application (the icon looks like a page and is directly underneath the X to close the program)
  • From the menu, choose EXIT
  • The AIrMedia start screen will then appear with the IP address and a new four-digit code for someone else to initiate control of the imgae.

You can also share the display by dividing it into quadrants for projection:

  • First, select the menu icon from the right side of the AirMedia application.
  • From the menu, choose QUADRANT.
  • Choose which portion of the screen where you wants to project an image.
  • Other people can now join the display with their laptop, smartphone or tablet by:
-Downloading the application from the website on the screen
-Installing the application
-Opening the application when installed
-Furnishing the code from the display
-Choosing their display quadrant from the menu (which appears as a page icon on the right side of the application).


To connect to the flatscreen using AirMedia and a smartphone or tablet, you must first navigate to the App Store for your device, and then download the AirMedia App. This will have to be done every session as the App is updated frequently. Luckily, downloading and installing the App is very fast!

Once you have installed the App, open it. On the Instructor Touchscreen, select the Podium AirMedia as shown in the image on the right.

The monitor will now display an IP address and code.

Put the IP Address in where prompted by the App, then enter the code. You will now be connected to the screen.


1. The most common issue in these rooms is the Mac computer being turned off.

If it has been turned off, you need to open the podium and turn it back on using the switch (button) on the back left side of the Mac mini.

It should be restarted after each class. If you find it on the Mac side and want to use Windows, pull down the Apple menu in the upper left corner and select "Log Off." Once the account is logged out, you will have the option to choose the Windows boot.

2. If the ethernet is not working at the podium, the most likely issue is that the cable has been disconnected from the port. The cable for the ethernet is shorter than the coil that contains the other cables/wiring. So if a faculty member moves the podium more than a foot in away from the wall the ethernet jack comes unplugged. To troubleshoot, just follow the cable coil from the base of the podium to the wall and check if the cable is unplugged from the jack.

3. Reminder: The touch screen controls work only for the equipment suite (projector, flatscreens, projection screen, source selection. If you are using the Mac or Windows operating systems on the mac mini in the podium, you need to use the keyboard and mouse to interface with the computer.

4. If there is no sound/audio, on the rack, on the very last row on the bottom there is a "Stewart Audio Compact Series" Tray. Press the power button, to the left of the red light, and then press the power button again. This also works if you are seeing MUTE on the green screen within the rack. Otherwise, check if the volume on the touchscreen.

5. If the LCD displays are either not turning on from the Touch-panel display or will not wake from sleep mode, please contact the lab attendant in Chafee 217 (if after hours, call CMA in the Library, 874-4278) and they can reset the LCD displays.

These displays can go into a 'power-save' mode that cannot be overridden by the podium. We have changed the system defaults to bypass the 'power-save' mode, but if there was a power outage to the panels, the defaults will have been restored and the displays will need to be reconfigured.

6. If your laptop image does not appear on the screen, try using the function key for display selection (i.e. Fn + F8). When using a Mac, go to System Preferences (under the Apple Menu in the upper left), select the Displays pane, and click on "Detect Displays."

Locking Up

Please Remember to:

  1. Press the "System Off" button in the upper right hand corner of the touch screen. When it asks "Are you sure?" press "Yes". The screen will go up, and the projector will turn off.
  2. Turn the classroom Lights OFF. Shut all Exterior Doors.
  3. Swipe-lock the main door using your URI ID card. The card-reader light will remain red when in locked mode.


Ask students waiting for the next class to remain outside the classroom until their instructor arrives.

As the Instructor, you are the frontline for room security, especially to protect against theft between classes, please lock up!

Additional Room Details

Classroom Information

building Chafee
room 235
reservation_contact Enrollment Services, 874-2817
media_contact CMA Chafee (ITMS Front Desk), 874-2148
floor_level second
disability classroom, elevator
room_access electronic
room_width 20 feet 8 inches
room_length 36 feet 6 inches
tech_level 2
wall_type paint, cinderblock
wall_condition good
ceiling_type drop panel
ceiling_condition good
floor_type carpet
floor_condition dirty
floor_slope flat
boards one
board_location left
board_width 5 feet 9 inches
board_height 3 feet 9 inches
writing_area 3105 in^2
board_type white, portable, good
board_condition good
projection_screen yes
screen_quantity two
screen_location front
screen_type manual, smart board, traditional format 4:3
screen_condition damaged(=manual board), excellent(=smart board)
instructor_access key
media_controls yes
instructor_type workstation
chair yes
instructor_outlets yes
instructor_outlets_quantity 2
distributed_outlets yes
distributed_outlets_quantity 24
seating_type moveable chairs, moveable tables
heating yes
ventilation yes
air_conditioning yes
air_noise minor
capacity_number 36
no_food_sign yes
accessories clock
overhead_projector yes
overhead_location cart
extra_bulb okay
projector_controls yes
controls_location podium
control_type other
data_projector yes
projector_quantity 1
projector_type LCD
projector_location ceiling
cd_dvd_player yes
cd_dvd_quantity 1
cd_dvd_location computer
cd_dvd_type region 1
interactive_board yes
interactive_quantity 1
interactive_location front
interactive_type SMARTBoard
wireless yes
dynamic_ip yes
subnet 131.128.194.XXX
computer yes
computer_system windows
computer_location podium
usb_connection yes
laptop_cables vga, ethernet