CD Burning

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For users who are looking to burn files such as documents, music, pictures, etc. to a blank CD-ROM or Disk as an alternative option to backup important files.

How to Burn Data to a CD

If you choose Open Finder from the pop-up menu, then follow the steps below:

1. Drag the files and folders you want to save on the disc to its icon.

  • NOTE: Files written to the CD are temporarily stored on your hard disk. Depending on the size of the blank CD, your files, and your hard disk, you may need as much as twice the capacity of the CD in free space on your startup disk. For example, if you are using a 650 MB CD-R disc you should make sure that your startup disk has at least 1.3 GB of available space.

2. Click the disc icon, then choose Burn CD from the File menu or drag the CD icon to the Burn icon in the Dock (the Trash icon changes to the Disc Burner icon when an unformatted CD-R is dragged to it).

  • NOTE:
    • If you decide not to burn a CD that you have prepared in step 1, eject the disc prior to choosing the Burn command or click the Eject button at the final burn dialog shown above.
    • If you decide to cancel while the disc is being burned, the CD will be incomplete and unreliable. You should NOT use it.

3.. Click Burn. The disc is initialized and the files and folders are saved on the disc. This process takes several minutes.

  • NOTE:The length of time it takes to create a disc depends on the blank media you use, and the size and number of files on the disc.

Blank Disk does not Appear in Finder

When you insert a blank disc, your CDs & DVDs preference setting will determine what happens next. If it is set to Ignore, then nothing happens in the Finder. Follow these steps to change the setting:

1. From the Apple menu, choose "System Preferences" > "CDs & DVDs".
2. From the "When you insert a blank CD" and "When you insert a blank DVD" pop-up menus, choose any action other than Ignore, such as "Open Finder".
3. Quit System Preferences.

The next time you insert a disc, it should appear as expected.