Bose Speaker Systems

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Bose L1 System

The Bose L1 system is a PA system designed to be used in spaces where built in speakers are unavailable or inadequate for the event.
There are various combinations for the speakers to be set-up. Depending on the needs of the event, a dedicated tech may be required to be hired to set-up, monitor and adjust the equipment throughout the event.

Request for use of the system should be made in advance with:
Classroom Media Assistance
When placing your request please be sure to include the event details.
CMA staff will use the event information to confirm requested media is adequate for your event.

Any questions about media choice for events should be directed to Katie Babula, Special Event Media Coordinator at 401-874-2974.


Examples of Set-Up Combinations

  • Keynote Speaker Presenation.
  • Single microphone and music.
  • Panel Dissucussion