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The Alesis QS6 (64 Voice Expandable Synthesizer) music keyboards are located in the Fine Arts lab, F102. One keyboard is provided per student computer station. These keyboards are designed to work with Macintosh audio software using a MIDI controller attached to the computer via USB.

Physical Connections

Keyboard Settings

  • Pitch and Modulation should be left in the center position unless needed.
  • Volume and Controller A should be at the top of the slide control.
  • The Mac/PC switch should be set to Mac.
  • The power button should be on (indicated by a green screen).

MIDI Connector

Connections should be made as follows,

  • The MIDI controller should be connected to the computer via a male/male A-to-B USB cable.
  • From keyboard midi-in to the out port on the MIDI controller.
  • From keyboard midi-out to the in port on the MIDI controller.
  • Attach the power supply to the power port on the keyboard.
  • Attach the foot pedal to the sustain port on the keyboard.

Using Finale 2007

This section is available for update by professors in the Music Department.

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