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Ad-Aware is designed to remove Spyware from Windows operating systems.

Installation Instructions

Begin by downloading Ad-Aware (see the link below), choosing the 'Free' version, then running the installation program once it is downloaded.

1. Choose your language.
2. Check the box to accept the terms and click Install.
3. Wait until the installer and updater finish.
4. Keep the box that says "Launch Ad-Aware" checked, uncheck the box under "Stay informed" and do not enter your email.
5. Click on Finish and Ad-Aware will launch. Close the window prompting for registration.

Update Instructions

1. Once Ad-Aware is up and running, click on the globe with the arrow that says "Web Update"
2. Wait while Ad-Aware downloads the latest data
3. After the update, click "Finish"

Scan Instructions

1. After updating Ad-Aware, click the "Scan System" button
2. Wait while the scan runs
3. Click "Done"

Ad-Aware will now quarantine all found malware.

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